Landscape Design Pricing

With our landscape design service, you will consult with one of our award winning landscape designers and receive a custom 2D rendered landscape plan drawn to scale for your budget.

Designs for Softscapes and smaller spaces

Initial Design – $85/hr. ($250 minimum)

Revisions – $85/hr. ($100 minimum)

Designs for larger spaces, pools, and significant hardscape projects

Initial Design – $85/hr. ($850 minimum)

Revisions – $85/hr. ($300 minimum)

Important Notes

  • Price includes cost to produce 2D rendered landscape plan to scale.
  • Pricing doesn’t include engineering, geotechnical exploration, surveying, or other professional services.
  • Design fees invoiced after completion of initial design and/or revisions
  • Design fees typically equal approximately 1–1.5% of total project cost.
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